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Please visit my Customer Training website at SendingHolidayCards.com.

This website is loaded with recorded webinars and printable step-by-step instructions for using different features in our SOC system. I also have a section containing some really fun creative tools for those who want to get more creative with their card-making. And I have a section of business-building resources for anyone who wants to learn ways to be more productive and profitable in their respective businesses.

You are welcome to share the above website with your customers and distributors. Rather than copying and pasting what I have provided there, I recommend that you simply send people the link and password, as I update it frequently.

Please DO NOT send your PROSPECTS to either my Customer Training site or to this Distributor Training website, as I don't want anyone to accidentally sign up under me. You are welcome to invite your prospects to the webinars I offer. At the end of those webinars I always invite people to get back with the person who invited them.


"Good people are not trained, they are found.
If you are training too much, you may not have the right people."

-Jim Rohn, Network Marketing Expert

Dear SOC Family,

You have a powerful vehicle (SendOutCards) at your fingertips. I've produced this website so you have a great road map to help you navigate as you learn to drive your vehicle.

This website offers a single place you can visit for training support. It's also a great place to send your team members for training. This website is very information-rich.

My sponsor provided me with basic system training. Everything I learned after that was because I took the initiative to learn. This site will make it easier for you and your team to take the initiative. Pace yourself, as there is a lot of training material provided here. Listen to and read only the things you need right now. Then come back when you are ready to learn more.

If you have something valuable to share with the SOC community, please email me with suggested materials for this site, as long as it is not commercial or self-promotional in nature.

As you prepare to learn and lead others, turn your speakers on and watch this moving three-minute video with a powerful message: EaglesNeedAPush.com.

To your success,

SOC Senior Executive
2013 Runner-up Distributor of the Year
2014 Circle of Excellence Award Recipient

1. Getting Started as a New SendOutCards (SOC) Distributor

"If you believe you can, you probably can.
If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't.
Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad."

-Denis Waitley

Getting Started

If you are just getting started as a new SendOutCards Distributor, I highly recommend that you visit the Resource Center (found under the Company link) to begin your ongoing learning.

NOTE: Do not wait until you understand everything to get started. Just start sharing SendOutCards, using the tools on your replicated marketing page. Get your questions answerd on an "as need to know" basis.

Here is a wonderful 7-minute talk that world-famous sales coach Tom Hopkins shared about his love for SendOutCards. He offers some great tips. He is also an Executive in SendOutCards.

Welcome Emails & Card Campaigns

As soon as you sponsor a customer or distributor, send them a WELCOME EMAIL and a WELCOME CARD CAMPAIGN to help them get started right. The templates shared below are full of great information to help someone get started! If you did not get any help from your sponsor, check out what I send to my newly-sponsored distributors and customers...

I made this easy for myself by creating templates that I can copy and paste (and I always edit each one slightly for the recipient). Click here for my email message template for new Marketing Distributors! Click here for my email message template for new Customers! I suggest putting something like this in the subject line, so they know it is personally from you and it has a better chance of getting opened: Personal welcome to SendOutCards from YOUR NAME. Be sure you edit my template so the email is from YOU and not from me.

A campaign is a single card or a series of cards that you create ahead of time, and then you can "trigger" it to be mailed to the new customer or distributor the day they sign up. If you want to see some sample campaigns, log into the "dummy gift account" (not intended to send cards, but only created to share campaigns) with the User Name oprius1 and the Password 12345. Click on Cards > Campaigns and you will see a whole bunch there. If you like any of the customer or distributor campaigns and want to use them yourself, please click SHARE and enter your distributor ID in the box. Once a campaign has been shared to your account, you can edit it to your liking. Please do NOT edit any campaigns until they are in YOUR account. You will note that some of these campaigns are single-card campaigns and some are multiple-card campaigns that will be mailed out at the interval I have specified. Once they are in your account, you can also edit the interval of time between each card if you do not like the schedule I created.

13-minute presentation on How to Build a SOC Business on a Part-Time Schedule
Click here to listen to a presentation that Kathy Paauw recorded for an Aussie training session.

Personal Development Books I Recommend for All Business Builders in SOC

All of these books are available in our SOC Gifting section to send with a card.

  • Beach Money by Eagle Distributor Jordan Adler (our #1 income earner in SOC) is a powerful book for anyone building a network marketing business. Jordan teaches us how to compress a 30-year career into 3-5 years, design your life around your free time instead of around your work schedule, and turn your annual income into monthly income. Also available in audio book.

  • Promptings by our Founder and CEO, Kody Bateman, is essential for anyone building a SendOutCards business. Kody shares the foundation upon which our company was built, and it's important for you to know the "why" behind SendOutCards and our founder. Also available in audio book.

  • MLM Blueprint by Kody Bateman was written especially for those who have negative thoughts about the network marketing (MLM--Multi Level Marketing) business model, as I did when I started working my SOC business in 2005. In order to build a successful network marketing business, you must replace a negative blueprint with a positive one. This book gives you the blueprint to do that.

  • The Music of Your Heart by Executive Kathy Paauw, was written for those who want to create time and financial freedom by building a network marketing business. Click here to learn more about this award-winning book. You can order a copy directly from this site (paperback, audiobook, eBook download, or Kindle download) or you can include a paperback copy with a card through the SendOutCards gift section. Click here to listen to a radio interview with Kathy Paauw and Australian SOC Senior Manager and Melbourne Radio Host Lee Cummins. You'll hear several business-building tips from the book during this 20-minute interview.

  • Secrets from the SOC Drawer by Executive Jules Price, is a "priceless jewel" that offers motivational lessons, anecdotes, and powerful messages that are both practical and engaging. Jules shares her "magic sentences" that will help you to use effective non-salesy vocabulary when you are sharing SendOutCards with others and will help you to identify your own disempowering self-talk so you can get out of your own way!

  • Yes, Sometimes it Is About the Money by our SOC President of Field Operations, Steve Schulz, shares his own personal 22-year journey in network marketing and what he did to become a multi-millionaire.. He shares the importance of balancing all of the motivations that make this profession work.

  • License to Dream: Every Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom through Network Marketing - Executive Judy O'Higgins and Senior Managers Kristi Lee and Karen Palmer have written this little book to inspire women to dream big and pursue their passions, while giving a simple step-by-step plan for building a successful network marketing business. Although it was written especially for women, men can learn a lot by reading it, too! The authors have also written these little books: License to Retire (Judy O'Higgins) and License to Play (Karen Palmer).

  • The Four Year Career (SendOutCards edition) by Richard Brooke, does a great job of explaining how network marketing works in a way that the common person can easily understand. The last section of the book contains success stories written by 14 SendOutCards leaders, including our upline (DeMarr Zimmerman, Jordan Adler, Judy O'Higgins), Jules Price, and Kathy Paauw.

  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, provides an incredible roadmap to design the life you desire. Read the book and commit to the simple daily morning practice that will transform your life. If you want to read the first two chapters for free, visit www.MiracleMorning.com.

Here are links to a few important forms that new distributors need to send in to SOC:

1. Government forms: In order to get paid, you must complete the W9 Form (if within the USA) or the W-8BEN Form if outside the USA. Fax your completed form to SOC at 801-463-3900.

2. Getting Paid: We now have free automatic (ACH) deposits for distributors within the USA. Click here to print the form and fax it into SOC right away. For distributors outside the USA, you will need to complete a ProPay form and send that to SOC. Fax your completed form to the number provided on the form.

3. Handwriting fonts/signatures: If you want to get your own font and signatures, go to Purchase Products and buy the font and four signatures--only $49, or just $25 for four signatures if you don't want the font. To create your own handwriting fonts and signatures, print out the form, follow the directions to complete it, and send it in the mail to SendOutCards. Once your font and signature appear in your account, you can go here to install the font on your computer for use in other programs (like Microsoft Word, etc.). Mail this (snail mail, NOT email or fax) to SOC at the address provided in the instructions. Hint: If you don't like your own handwriting, you can have someone else fill the form out for you!

Many more forms are available under Help > Downloads on our SOC website.

What NOT to Do

SendOutCards provides everything you need to build a strong and profitable business. Our #1 income earner, Jordan Adler, teaches us to keep it simple and ignore the third-party tool offerings that others will try to sell you. You don't need them! They will increase your overhead costs and will distract you from focusing on the basics. You will also be modeling for others (your prospective new team members) that this is expensive and complicated to do, and they will talk themselves out of becoming a distributor. All you need is included in our Simple Success System!

You may occasionally receive phone calls from people trying to sell you the next greatest tool that is promised to skyrocket your income. SendOutCards will NEVER share your contact information with others. Click here to learn how these solicitors get your number.

Getting & Staying Organized

A key element to success in building your SOC business is getting and staying organized. If you want some tips for managing paper, information and follow-up, click here to listen to Jack Canfield interview Kathy Paauw on the subject. Extensive class notes are also included with this recording. I used to sell this recorded training call to my clients; I now give it away to my SOC family.
You'll also find organizing and time management tips in the third section of my book, The Music of Your Heart. Jordan Adler interviewed me on the topic of Getting Organized on 4/21/14 and you can listen to the replay here.

Building in Accountability

As an entrepreneur, you don't have a "boss" telling you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it by. Having an Accountability Partner can be very helpful. Click here to learn how to set up an effective accountability partnership. If you set up coaching calls, here is a coaching call preparation form that may help you stay focused.

If you don't know other SOC people, you may meet some through our Official SendOutCards Facebook group. If you already have an accountability partner and it is not working for you, get another partner. Both partners must be committed to this process for it to work.

One part of accountability is keeping track of your activities. Based on Jordan Adler’s Beach Money book, Senior Manager Lee Cummins shared a Goal Sheet she created to help her promote to Senior Manager by her goal date.

The Power of Affirmations:
Learn about the power of affirmations, which we call "I Am" statements.
You can also read my I Am statements and ways you can review your own daily. Back in the mid 90s, I heard Olympic athlete Marilyn King speak. What she said really left an impression on me, and it relates to the power of the I Am statements.. I recently found a YouTube video that reviewed what she shared with us years ago. It's powerful stuff! Click here to hear Marilyn King speak about Olympian Thinking Technology.

Marnie Martin is a SendOutCards distributor and she is also a Voice Over professional who creates beautiful audio affirmations.  If you would like Marnie to create a recording of your own customized affirmations, please visit her website here.  Marnie  has given me permission to sharea sample of her work with you: SendOutCards affirmations (2 minutes)


2. How to Build Your Prospect List

"Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence.
The extra energy required to make another effort or try another
approach is the secret of winning."

-Denis Waitley

Check out the Memory Jogger--a great list of questions that will help you trigger your memory for all the people you know.

I've found the best way is to live my life conscious of who I meet, and make a point of getting their contact information and staying in touch. People do business with people they know, like, trust, AND REMEMBER. If they don't remember you when they are ready to make a buying decision, you've lost the opportunity. Keep good records and notes in your contact manager.

3. How to Introduce SOC to Prospects

"Our limitations and success will be based, most often,
on our own expectations for ourselves. What the mind
dwells upon, the body acts upon."

-Denis Waitley

When someone asks "What do you do?" -- click here for suggested responses to that question. There are several ways to introduce SendOutCards to others -- in person, over the phone, in a group presentation, etc. Below you will find tips for various ways to share SOC with others.

In Person
Whether you've mentioned SOC to them or not, send them a card to tell them how much you enjoyed meeting them or speaking with them. Ask if they have a business card. Some won't have one, or their card may not have their physical mailing address on it. Click here (print on perforated Avery #28371 business card stock) for the "blank" business cards I carry everywhere so I can get their information.

We have an account comparison document that covers all the pricing and options. You can find this under Company / Downloads, too.

Over the Phone
Do NOT send them to your website...TAKE them there! STAY on the phone and have them use the tools we have. You want them to do two things while you stay on the phone with them: (1) Send a card; (2) watch the videos. You can decide which order you want them to do this in.

Go to your replicated website at www.SendOutCards.com/YourID to check out what they will see. If you are not familiar with what is here, watch all of it so you know what's there. After someone watches the second video, they have an option for the third one (customer or distributor). All of the videos combined take 8-12 minutes, depending on which option they choose for the 3rd video.

Business Overviews / Opportunity Meetings / Home Business Launch
Hosting and attending Business Overview (Business Opportunity) Meetings is a great way to introduce potential distributors to SendOutCards and build your team. These are gatherings of distributors and their prospects, whether it’s a one-on-one lunch appointment, a small meeting or large group of people who are meeting to focus on sharing the SendOutCards income opportunity.

If you have a meeting in your home or at a public place, keep refreshments simple. (Everything you do needs to be duplicable!) Click here to access an excellent outline that Jules Price put together for a Home Business Launch.

Donna Smallin Kuper created a wonderful pre-meeting questionnaire to send to your prospects. This is a great way to get them to open their minds to the idea of network marketing and lower their resistance so they can truly understand the benefit to themselves and their families. Hopefully, after completing the brief questionnaire, they are thinking to themselves, "Hmm...I wonder if these people have a plan that can help me retire comfortably?"

Here's a beautiful flyer that Chris Egan created to promote a Business Overview.

QR Codes
We now have the ability to include a QR Code in a greeting card, and this is a great way to share a video message (using YouTube) in your greeting cards.. A SOC friend of mine has provided some additional information about ways you can create QR codes that will take people to your SOC website, videos you may have in places other than YouTube, etc. Click here to learn more.

How GREEN is SendOutCards?
The paper we use is premium, post-consumer recycled paper. The percentage that is recycled may vary, but it is at least 10% post-consumer recycled material. Our paper is .12 in thickness and the gloss is a biodegradable sheer UV coating. The ink is acid-free and is made of biodegradable recycled plastics.

What does a Retail Account look like?
If you've always wanted to know how a retail account looks different than your own, now you can find out. I created a retail account that is not intended to be used to send cards from. I set it up so when anyone is speaking with a Retail Customer and needs to help them with something, we can log into this account to experience how the navigation works:

User name: customercheckin
Password: customer

Additional Resources for Introducing SOC
Begin with the basics at TheDaily8.com. As you want additional tools, come back here. You can customize some of these tools to your liking:

Print Materials
--A great flyer/gift certificate (thanks to Chris Egan for creating it and to Bonney Gray for updating it) that you can download and customize with your own contact information -- great for use at trade shows and other situations when you want to give something to your prospects.
--Here's a great holiday gift certificate to give away splash paks. Be sure you edit it to include your name and contact info on the certificate before printing it out.
--A great flyer to hand out when giving a marketing talk.
--A great information flyer (thanks Chris Egan!) to give to Real Estate Agents about why they should use SOC over other keep-in-touch systems provided by their company.
-- Template for one of my business card (PDF file can be edited with your contact info)
-- Holiday Card Sending Workshop flyer (by Chris Egan)
--Holiday Card flyer

--40 Ways to use SOC to grow your Mary Kay Business (great ideas for other MLMs, too)
--40 Ways for ANYONE to Use SOC - a flyer listing many uses for our cards
-- Invitation and Follow-up Scripts (to be used with your Warm Market)
-- Tips and Scripts for Introducing SOC to Corporations
-- Presenting SOC to Churches as a way to generate income for the church
-- Jules Price's Magic Sentences (scripts for introductions and follow-up)
-- 30-second commercial -- what to say when someone asks what you do
-- 15-second commercial -- template language from Tony Rubleski
-- 10-minute Networking Presentation Idea (BNI, etc.)
-- What to say -- sample language
-- Responses when people ask, "What do you do?"
-- Big Al Schreiter shares some magical sequences of words to help people make decisions. Notes taken from a team call offered by Donna Kuper, who attended his seminar.
--Scripts by Kristi Lee
--10 card-sending ideas to help you connect with people you care about
--10 Verbal 30-60-second commercials for business-building tactics you promote
--Daily Activity Worksheet to be created the night before so you have a plan for tomorrow's follow-up (edit this to fit your daily intentions)

More information about Network Marketing (MLM: Multi-Level Marketing)
-- I attended the Mega-MLM Leadership workshop with Randy Gage and he provided us with an MLM Manifesto that I have permission to share. He uses some blunt language, and he calls it like he sees it. This provides great information about our business model.
-- What to say when someone asks you, "Is this a Pyramid Scheme?" Someone also created a nice brochure about this, and you can download that here.
--Here's some great information about what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing.

Tips for Introducing SOC to Photographers
--Here are some tips provided by photographers. Also, here is a document filled with wonderful tips from photographer Ray Antonelli and distributed by Joe McVoy to his team. After a Bridal Show is a great time to contact the photographers about how they follow up with the trade show prospects. Following up with 3-panel cards with lots of pictures sent to the prospect's mailbox gets their info out of the trade show bag and into their prospect's hands. This gives them a definite edge over the competition.

Here's a great 3-minute video about how professional photographer, Phil Groshong, uses SendOutCards to promote his photography business. Phil is the Team Photographer for the Cincinnati Reds. He says that SendOutCards is a "marketing tool that has had more impact on my business than anything I've ever done."
Be sure that when you share this link with your prospects, you ask them to go to YOUR website and not to Phil's (he invites them to visit his site at the end of his video).

Here are some great tips from several photographers who are using SendOutCards.

Here are some tips from a photographer about how to get the perfect color on their cards that contain photos they have taken.

Tips for Introducing SOC to Real Estate Agents & Brokers
SOC distributor Chaz Tiogangco was so inspired by a July 2014 team call with Jordan Adler and Jim McCord that he created a message to email to his Realtor friends. Here’s a sample of an email he sent out:

I thought of you after I heard this awesome phone call with a Realtor named Jim McCord, who has been in business for 21 years. He shared how he continues to build a Multi-Million dollar Real Estate company by using the power of SendOutCards. Below you will find a link to a short piece of the audio from the phone call for you to hear. 

I heard 3 "golden nuggets" that he shared on the call:

1. How he's made over $200,000 in Real Estate commissions in the past several years by using SendOutCards!

2. With what he knows now, he would have easily paid $100,000 to start with SendOutCards.

3. How he recently used SendOutCards to get eleven "Million Dollar listings!" 

I promise this quick 7 minutes will be worth your time..take a listen here.

If you'd like to see a short video with Jim, click here and he will show you some of the cards that have changed his Real Estate business.

Have a great day!

(Your signature and contact info)

Be sure you follow up! You might consider calling the Realtor to give a heads up that you are sending this, or call after you send it and let them know there's something important in their inbox for them to listen to, and let them know you will follow up the next day.

The day after you have sent the email, call to schedule a time to share SOC with them. When you share, be sure you have them watch the videos and let them decide if they just want to become a customer or if they have an interest in the business. Mention how they can share cards and card campaigns with others they work with (using Sendcere), and they can earn lifetime residual income when people send cards and gifts.


4. Workshops & Webinars - ideas and materials

How to promote your events: I suggest promoting free workshops through your Facebook page and also through MeetUp. You can also distribute flyers when you go to networking events.

If you invite a prospect to any of my events, please follow up with them!  I hope you will duplicate these offerings in your geographic area and open them up to all, just as I am doing for you. Below I share my PowerPoints and Handouts for the prospect workshops. To use them, please right-mouse click and save them to your computer, then edit to create your own presentation.

There are no PowerPoints for System Training workshops, as those are hands-on training with each participant logged into their own SendOutCards account.. I do have some handouts (step-by-step instructions) to send away with attendees for some of the system training workshops. These System Training Handouts were created by Senior Manager Chris Egan (thanks, Chris!):

Here are some additional PowerPoint presentations you can edit to your liking and use. I recommend you right-mouse click the hyperlinks below, then "save target as" so you can edit it to your liking and access it later without having to be on the Internet.

  • Is MLM Just a Dirty Word, or a potentially fulfilling home-based business opportunity?: Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation created by Kathy Paauw. This presentation was based on her book, The Music of Your Heart: Freedom to live the life of your dreams through Network Marketing. This is a one hour presentation that is intended as an introduction to the network marketing business model. There is no mention of any particular company in this presentation (by design), so attendees can develop a better understanding of the model without having to also evaluate any one particular company. You have Kathy's permission to offer a workshop and use this PowerPoint, provided that you give credit to Kathy for the content, which came from her book.

  • The Fortune is in the Follow-up is a workshop I did at SOC Convention in 2007. Click here to view the PowerPoint for it.

  • BNI 10-Minute Presentation by Jane Taylor -- click here to view a PowerPoint presentation. Here's an outline of a 10-minute presentation that you can use at any networking event. Someone else provided a great idea for a handout at a BNI meeting. Another great idea for a BNI presentation is to introduce the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge (look above under Distributor Training #3 --How to Introduce SOC to Prospects).

  • Presentation to People Graduating/Getting Certified in a Trade: Marlene Webb created a PowerPoint presentation for Estheticians (students at a beauty school). This could easily be adapted for other professionals (Dog Training Schools, Real Estate Schools, Business Schools, Continuing Ed Schools, etc.). Click here to learn more about what she did.

  • Outreach for Churches: David Frey has created a wonderful PowerPoint presentation to share with churches who may be interested in using SendOutCards for outreach. If a church has interest in generating income, they could also promote SOC to other churches, using this presentation. Click here to access it. (NOTE: This is a very large file and I suggest you save it to your desktop. If you open it from the Internet, be prepared to wait a long time for it to open.)

  • Why Network Marketing is Great for Women: I have created a PowerPoint presentation from a chapter in Robert Kiyosaki's book, "The Business of the 21st Century." His wife, Kim, wrote a whole chapter especially for women and stay-at-home moms. This is a great presentation to share with a women's group. Click here to access.

Networking Times offers a bi-monthly publication and their March/April issue is devoted to topics related to women in Network Marketing. Click here to read 12 articles written by women in the March/April 2012 issue, including articles written by our own Jackie Ulmer, Betty Ann Golden, and Kathy Paauw.


  1. Meet people through your everyday living. Listen for THEIR needs. When they express a need (more time with family, more money, more clients, the ability to quit a job or retire, etc.), tell them you may have a solution for them and wait for them to ask what it is.
  2. Refer to the funnel system worksheet here and select your preferred method for sharing SendOutCards.
  3. Share our product AND opportunity and let them decide how they want to be involved.
  4. If they are not ready to make a decision now, be sure you schedule your next conversation to follow up. Send them a couple of personal cards with pictures. If you are feeling generous, send them brownies, a Starbucks card, or a book (Promptings, Beach Money, The Music of Your Heart, etc).

Stay in touch with people, whether they are interested in SOC or not. Build relationships with those you know and meet. Even if they are not interested, they will know people who are. When you stay in touch, you'll be remembered!

It's a numbers game. The more people you share it with, the faster you will grow, provided that you have the right mindset (give to GIVE, not to GET) and let go of your attachment to the outcome. You are sharing and sorting. That's it!


5. How to Create Duplication on Your Team

"A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future.
You must break out of your current comfort zone and become
comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown."

-Denis Waitley

How to "Close" People (Not!)
Jordan Adler hosted a great call on 6/14/10 about the top two questions he is asked: How do I close people? How do I duplicate? Click here to read the notes from that call. Click here to listen to the call. Although this is an old call, Jordan's advice is timeless!

Become a Success Unit (a Nectar Magnet)
Click here to learn how to become a Success Unit and a Nectar Magnet --- two very important elements of duplication. This is the best call on duplication that I have heard (and Jummy Dick is very entertaining!). It's worth 30 minutes of your time if you are serious about building a business! (Fast forward the first 5 minutes of chitchat.)

This short video teaches a great lesson about building a team: You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School

Sharing SendOutCards at Netwoking Events
When you go to a networking function, what do you do to be remembered? Ben Fitts put together some Great ways to increase your business using SOC. Rather than giving the same old commercial about offering cards and gifts, share some of these specific ideas each week. Stories are also remembered, so wrap some of these ideas in with a story.

Your MLM Blueprint
One of the things that will make or break your ability to build a thriving and successful team in SendOutCards is your own MLM Blueprint. At the 2011 Executive Retreat, Kody Bateman walked us through a powerful exercise where we explored our own personal beliefs about MLMs (multi-level marketing ), also known as network marketing. Kody has written a book called MLM Blueprint and an accompanying workbook that will help you explore your own blueprint, which he launched at our 2012 convention.

“Service to many leads to greatness.”
-Jim Rohn


6. How to Manage Follow-up

One essential element of managing your business is remembering important follow-up with prospects, customers and distributors. Once you've done a number of gift accounts, you can easily accumulate hundreds of prospects in the "not ready, but interested" category. If you don't stay in touch, you'll be burying gold. Many prospects will not follow up with you, even if they are really interested.

Click here for some great ideas for creating an effective follow-up plan.

There are two basic types of follow-up systems you can create:

  • If you want a paper system, my recorded webinar will teach you how to create an effective tickler system.  Click here to access the recording and notes.

  • If you prefer to use an electronic system, I encourage you to use a tool right under your nose -- our own SOC Contact Manager. Click here to review a brilliant follow-up system created by one of my team members, Marlo Nikkila. Click here to view a 36-minute instructional webinar on how to set up and use this follow-up system.

Click here for some scary statistics about follow-up and staying top-of-mind.

One of my favorite productivity tools is TimeTrade. It saves me time and aggravation, and lets people book meetings with me 24/7 with ease! I have created three different kinds of appointments (Intro to SOC, SOC System Training, Scheduling an Appointment) in my account, so I decide which appointment link I send them. Check it out, and if you have questions about it, please ask me.

Another great follow-up tool is a program called FollowUpThen. Once you've set it up, simply hit REPLY to an email you have received, and type in instrctions on when or how often you want to be reminded. The email will come back to you when you want to see it. Examples: "daily@followupthen.com" or "nextmonday@followupthen.com". If you want to cancel a recurring reminder, simply hit CANCEL and it will stop.

Do you avoid follow-up like the Plague?
I must confess that this is one of my least favorite things to do...and yet it is one of the most important activities we can do as business builders. You are leaving a lot of business behind if you are not following up. If you are like me, you'll look for anything else you could possibly do besides follow-up when you've set aside time to do it. I've found that once I get started, it's really not so bad!

Summer Gerhke was interviewed about her Dated Notes Follow-up System using the SendOutCards system. Click here to listen to this excellent 30-minute call.

7. Understanding the Compensation Plan: How to Make Money

"Don't ever let economics alone determine your career
or how you spend the majority of your time."

-Denis Waitley

Simply take people to our videos at https://www.sendoutcards.com/biz/YOURID. For more information, go to our Compensation Plan Details

8. How to Stay Connected with Your Customers, Prospects and Distributors

"A smile is the light in your window that tells others
that there is a caring, sharing person inside."

-Denis Waitley

Surveys are a great way to get valuable feedback and stay in touch with your personally-sponsored distributors and customers. Click here for sample surveys and directions for how to do it with ease!

Use meaningful pictures: There are many creative tools available to help you spice up your cards and find great photos. Click here to get some cool picture ideas. There is also a free stock photo sitecontaining more than 350,000 stock photos you can use in a card, as long as you are not selling your cards with pictures you use from this site.

Use QR Codes in your cards: Share a video message (using YouTube and a QR Code) in your greeting cards. A SOC friend of mine has provided some additional information about ways you can create QR codes that will take people to your SOC website, videos you may have in places other than YouTube, etc. Click here to learn more.

Use Campaigns! There are several "dummy gift accounts" you can check out that will enable you to send campaigns (created by me and others) to your own account. PLEASE DO NOT make any changes to these campaigns until AFTER you share them to your own account. Here is how it works:

1. Go to www.SendOutCards.com and log into one of these accounts, using the user name and password provided below:

      • oprius1 / 12345 (from Kathy Paauw)
      • allcampaigns / 12345 (from DeMarr Zimmerman)
      • 30day / gratitude (from Gayle Zientek & Melinda Russell - Real Estate cards)
      • socdemo / socdemo
      • r17632096 / cards (From Linda Thomas)
      • cardshare / cards

2. Click on Campaigns. You will see all the campaigns associated with that account listed there. You can view them and decide which one(s) you want to share to your own account. DO NOT edit or delete anything in this account. This represents hundreds of hours of work and they are not yours to edit until you copy them to your own account.

3. Click the SHARE button and enter your own user ID in the box, then submit it.

4. Log out of the dummy gift account and log into your own account. Click on Campaigns. In the lower left corner you will see a yellow box with the campaign(s) you have shared. You must accept them before they will show up in your alphabetical list of campaigns. NOW you can edit it as much as you wish.

Pre-designed Professionally-Created Industry Campaigns
SOC Senior Executive David Frey offers professionally-created campaigns for several professions, including SendOutCards distributors! He has created his own website for this and you can click here for more information. If you like them, they are very reasonably priced and will save you MANY hours trying to create these cards yourself. You pay a one-time fee to David for sharing them to your own account, and then you can edit them to your liking and with your contact info and photos.

Create the WOW factor by using pictures! I have created a web page here that provides tools and resources to help you create amazing photo cards.

What to Say in a Card:
Some people have a way with words. If you struggle with what to say, here are some resources that can help:

  • QuoteGarden has thousands of quotes that are cataloged by subject. Even if you cannot find the right quote, it may stimulate some ideas for you. ThinkExist is another great resource for famous quotes.
  • Greeting Card Messages : this website has many ideas for what to say in a card. It has examples for every imaginable card you might send out.
  • What to Say in a Card: Here is another website with many samples of what to say in just about any kind of card you would send.
  • What to Say in a Sympathy Card: If you are at a loss for words when trying to comfort someone, check out the suggestions here.

Time-Sensitive Stay-in-Touch Ideas

  • Check in with your customers before the holidays. You may have wholesale customers who have turned their Monthly Subscription off and don't realize that they will pay the highest price unless they reactivate their Subscription.  Other customers are not sending cards because they don’t remember how to import their contacts or create and send a campaign. They may need a little help and encouragement to get those holiday cards and gifts out. Point them to the recorded webinars or live training calls being offered by various distributors. You'll appreciate the big residual checks for November and December!

    Host a "Christmas in October" party for family and friends. Click here to see my invitation and learn how you can share SendOutCards in a low-key way AND write off the cost of hosting a party for family and friends!


“The stories of your mind
become the stories of your life.”

-Kody Bateman

Inspirational Stories
We Have Two Choices 
The Power of a Card 
The Global Power of an Expression of Sympathy
Teacher Sends Birthday Letter to ALL Students EVERY Year 
Inspiring Stories that Make Your Think 
The Price of Freedom in Network Marketing

The Power of I AM
Kathy Paauw's I AM Statements (in a card)

Inspirational Videos
Even Eagles Need a Push
No Greater Gift
The Simple Truths of Appreciation
Johnny the Bagger
The Dash
You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School
212: The Extra Degree
Don’t Quit (Facing the Giants)
The Seven Wonders of Your World
Will Smith: Your Words and Thoughts Have Physical Power
Jim Carrey’s Speech: Secret to Life


Our #1 income earner, Jordan Adler, provides valuable weekly training calls. These calls are so valuable that I download and listen to most of them on my iPod ot iPhone. Although you can click on the links and listen online, I strongly urge you to download them so they are in a more portable version that you can listen to while you are in your car or commuting to work, jogging, fixing dinner, etc.

Please DO NOT listen to these calls during times when you could be following the basics -- see maroon text box at the end of section 3 under Distributor Training for a review of the basics.

Jordan Adler, Eagle
Password: thecoolbuzz


Links to Popular Forms & Handouts
Year-end Evaluation and Planning for the Coming Year
Accountability Partnership - tips for setting up this powerful process
Jim Packard's Goals Sheet (he has used this for 30 years)
Blank Business Cards (use Avery #28371 business card stock to collect contact info)
Template for Kathy Paauw's business cards (PDF file can be edited with your contact info)
Handwriting Font & Signatures Form
SOC Gift Account (Gift Certificate) Flyer (includes info about what SOC is)
Home Business Launch Outline (from Jules Price)

Door Prize Raffle Form for Home Party
40+ Ways to Increase Any Business Using SOC by Ben Fitts
Coaching Call Preparation Form (for weekly coaching with a team member)

Your Sponsor/Customer Support
Contact your sponsor if you need assistance. If your sponsor is not available, find someone else in your upline who can assist you, or contact SOC's Customer Support.

SOC Customer Service

Open Monday-Friday
~ 7 AM to 6 PM MST

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